REAL agents expands all over Australia

REAL agents - Aust has now expanded all over Australia, opening its doors to all agents in every state. With its brand new concept to the industry, agents are joining in numbers. An industry disruptor with a vision of seeing the end of the traditional agency with agents being mobile, living and working locally. Some would say that the real estate industry is way behind other work places. Many industries have now abandoned the traditional office for a more diverse and cost effect way of doing business. Most service and sales industries have already changed over to this concept with real estate now following suit. 

Real Estate Agents League sees more and more agents moving over to this new style of service. Being able to pass on the savings costs incurred with offices and staff. Real estate agents are securing a future, being more competitive, adaptable to the growing needs to home sellers. 

Like all new ideas, change is sometimes slow. When asked where they saw the industry in five to ten years, Real Estate Agents League replied by saying, "we see the majority of agents being home based, living and working locally like many other professions and trades already are. Its just part of the cause, if agents don't adapt to this new way of thinking, they may not have a future. The market place is now demanding more competitive commissions, cheaper marketing with transparency and service. The industry needs to change. We believe this is they way it is going."