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Real Estate Agents League is a service provider to Licensed Real Estate Agents and their employees. All members have the branding rights to be a REAL agent. Real Estate Agents League works for our members who are fully licensed real estate agents with/without employees.

All property information disclosed on this website has been obtained by and supplied by Real Estate League Members. Real Estate Agents League Pty Ltd has not independently verified the supplied property information. Real Estate Agents League Pty Ltd makes no representation and gives no warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any property information, and accepts no responsibility for any property information. All queries regarding any property or any supplied property information should be directed to the relevant Real Estate Agents League Member who holds, and is advertising the property listing.

Real Estate Agents League Pty Ltd is a third party provider for Licensed Real Estate Agents. Its terms and conditions are that imposed by Licensed Real Estate agents to be able to supply a service to their clients.


By signing an authority for sale with a member of Real Estate Agents League Pty Ltd you are giving permission for all information included on the authority to be past onto Real Estate Agents League and its employees, as well as other third party suppliers, to use in the process of selling and settling the property mentioned in the authority.


Any information supplied to Real Estate Agents League will be kept private and apart for the purpose referred to in the “Terms”, all information will only be retained for the purpose of record keeping and inspection by government or associated agencies in the cause of compliance.

When you pay for any marketing products and services we will take certain information from you such as the name on the card, card number, start date, expiry date, security code or issue number as well as your bank details and some additional personal information. This information will be used to take the agreed payment or to pass to the Provider (ANZ merchant facilities) and will not be stored on our system.


Real Estate Agents League have members that have left the traditional out of date sales office. Giving you all of their experience and knowledge at a more competitive price. You are now supporting the agent that is concentrating on selling your property for the most amount of money the market will pay, and not supporting a franchise that no one visits anymore.

Commission rates are negotiable and flexible between you and the agent listing your property. They may offer you alternatives. A slightly higher rate, bonuses or fixed price based on your personal preferences and circumstance.

There is no payment for commission upfront. Members are professional agents that will give you the best possible commission to obtain you, the best possible price for your property.

Commission is a fee charged for getting you, the owner, the most amount of money the market will pay for your property. All agents are different and their experience, skill & approach may vary. The amount you pay should reflect your property, the area that your property is in, and the experience of the agent working with you.


Marketing – all marketing costs are paid directly to Real Estate Agents League or its third party suppliers. These payments are made in advance to any marketing being ordered. Marketing fees represent the marketing explained by the Agents and supplied thru Real Estate Agents League on prices supplied by Real Estate Agents League Pty Ltd. The agent is not entitled to any rebates and is explained on the authority. All monies paid are non-refundable and represent any marketing charged by Real Estate Agents League Pty Ltd as a third party to the agent.

Products – marketing costs represent the use of products for a certain period of time. It also represents any administration charges to provide those products. At no time as any rights to ownership of any products been passed on. All products remain the property of Real Estate Agents League and its third parties and will be used for the purpose of the sale of the mention property in the Sales Authority.


All properties are advertised on behalf of a Real Estate Agents League (REALagent) member who is a licensed agent authorised to sell your property. The member is the Licensed Real Estate agent running an independent business and is responsible for all dealings in relation to the selling of real estate. Real Estate Agents League acts as a third party to give branding, marketing products and administration aid to the agents listed on the authority. Any questions or complaints should be referred to the agent. Please see your authority for the handling of any complaints.


Real Estate Agents League (REAL agent) members are Real Estate Agents running their own independent business that are provided branding and services for a fee. They form a network of agents working towards a common goal. All agents are expected to abide by all laws and conduct themselves in the highest level of service to their clients. Real Estate Agents League has no legal standing over its member accept for the cancellation of membership. All members join Real Estate Agents League to be part of a national Brand that represents the highest level of service in the Real Estate industry.


Lawlab is the preferred conveyancer (solicitor) used by Real Estate Agents League members and is recommended for the sale of property. They supply all legal documents needed, involving any legal matters, up until settlement and handle deposits in trust. You may use another conveyance/solicitor if that conveyance/solicitor supplies a contract of sale and has a trust account to take the deposit. www.lawlab.com.au

Some members may have their own trust account, please confirm with Real Estate Agents League before depositing any monies at [email protected]

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

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